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Celebrity Stylists you need to know

Sometimes you’re getting ready for a night out, and you take a selfie and are pretty sure you look like this. But regardless of how excellent your selfie turns out, you do not look like Taylor Swift on the red carpet. Because — unlike us normals — Taylor Swift has a team of makeup artists to turn her into the glamorous goddess we know.

Of course, Swift isn’t alone. Nearly every enviable cat-eye or hair flip on the red carpet is thanks to some incredibly talented makeup artist, hairstylist, or beauty professional who knows exactly what is needed to create the Hollywood illusion. They’re the real stars, the secret superheroes of the industry, if you will.

So we’ve decided to give these secret badasses a little love. Ever wondered how Emma Stone, Lupita Nyong’o, and Lana Del Rey always look so good? Wonder no more. Ahead, 14 incredible makeup artists and hairstylists behind the most enviable red carpet looks.

Kristin Ess

Ess’ vibrant red hair has garnered its own fan base at this point, but Ess herself (cofounder of The Beauty Department) is known for creating perfectly tousled, California-girl waves. Naturally, her biggest clients include Lauren Conrad, Ashley Tisdale, and Lucy Hale (who she styled for Refinery29’s UnCover shoot).

Instagram: @kristin_ess

Signature look: windswept hair with cool-girl edge.

Ana Marie Rizzieri

The product of a family of hairdressers, Rizzieri became the go-to makeup artist for the most famous twins of our generation: the Olsens. Naomi Watts, Amanda Seyfried, Tina Fey, and Carey Mulligan have also turned to Rizzieri for her gorgeous work.

Instagram: @anariz1

Signature look: clean, bold makeup.

Nick Barose

Ever wonder who makes Lupita Nyong’o so flawless? The answer: Nick Barose, a makeup artist who has also worked with Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Duff, and Kate Mara, to name just a few of his A-list clients.

Instagram: @dilokritbarose

Signature look: glowing skin, lush lips, a pop of color. “I like women to look like themselves, just a bit dreamier,” he says.

Vernon François

As for Lupita’s hair? Hairstylist Vernon François has become the go-to for creating flawless, chic, and oftentimes natural looks for Lupita, Kerry Washington, Eve, and Lianne La Havas.

Instagram: @vernonfrancois

Signature look: sleek updos for natural curls.

Andréa Tiller

The star of Amy Schumer’s thank-you speech at the 2015 Emmys just so happens to be Tiller, “the girl who gave [Schumer] this smoky eye.”

Instagram: @andrea_tiller

Signature look: smoky eyes and a touch of glitter.

Kim Kimble

Beyoncé has always had great hair — and that’s thanks to Kim Kimble, her longtime stylist who knows just how to create these effortlessly glam waves (not to mention some incredible box braids, as seen in “Formation“). Zendaya, Tyra Banks, and Nicki Minaj have all taken notes.

Instagram: @kimblehaircare

Signature look: Given her ability to transform Beyoncé (and everyone else), pretty much anything.

Lisa Logan

Meet the woman who has painted the nails of Katy Perry, Madonna, and Beyoncé, her longtime client. (Remember Queen Bey’s flawless tips as she danced at the Super Bowl and flipped off America in her latest video?)

Instagram: @lisa_logan

Signature look: strong, bold nails with subtle designs.

Lora Arellano

Rihanna — and the rest of the world — found the queen of punk makeup on Instagram. Known for founding Melt Cosmetics (and its subsequent range of psychedelic lip colors), Arellano’s devoted following turns to her for pops of color, bold lips, and, yes, behind-the-scenes shots with Iggy Azalea, Serena Williams, and Viola Davis.

Instagram: @lora_arellano

Signature look: winged eye and red lips.

Lauren Andersen

Andersen, who created Emma Roberts’ Scream Queens ice-cold look, is the one behind Roberts’ Nancy-Drew-to-mean-girl transformation. Other celeb clients include Lea Michele, Jessica Alba, and January Jones.

Instagram: @lauren_andersen

Signature look: fresh-faced ingenues with flushed pink cheeks.

Lorrie Turk

Trust, Taylor Swift did not create that red-lipped, classic look we have come to love all by herself. Nashville-based Turk is one of the main influencers behind Swift’s beauty evolution, and she’s been with the pop star since her country days. Turk’s recent clients include Elizabeth Olsen and the entire cast of the “Bad Blood” music video.

Instagram: @lorrieturk

Signature look: previously, red lips and Hollywood curls; currently, sleek and modern.

Michael Ashton

If anyone has a more signature makeup look than TSwift, it’s Adele. Those cheekbones! That eyeliner! The perfectly pink lips! And naturally, other celebs (Amber Heard, Bianca Jagger, Daisy Lowe, Elle Macpherson, Hilary Swank, Milla Jovovich) have turned to him for equally lovely looks.

Instagram: @michaelashton

Signature look: Adele. Period.

Mara Roszak

When trying to mimic a celebrity’s effortlessly cool, subtly sexy bedhead or unfussy updos (that’s a real thing!), look no further than Emma Stone, thanks to Mara Roszak. Carey Mulligan, Kate Mara, and other cool-girl-hair, don’t-care celebs have all turned to Roszak to project an easy-does-it (but still done) vibe.

Instagram: @mararoszak

Signature look: messy updos, glamorously frazzled lobs, and braids.

Pamela Cochrane

When it comes to dreamy, lush, and just a little outer-worldly makeup looks, Cochrane is who you want to call. Which might explain why she’s a favorite of Lana Del Rey’s.

Instagram: @pammycochrane

Signature look: lined eyes and muted, pastel lips.

Jillian Dempsey

Dempsey started off as a painter and moved on to become a professional makeup artist — and clients Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart are so thankful (we can imagine) for that career switch.

Instagram: @jilliandempsey

Signature look: dramatic lashes, bold lips, and toned-down everything else.


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